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February 8, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» 'Coal Society ' art exhibition

The art gallery on Treforest campus has an exhibition running about the society that existed around the coal industry in Wales.

Most students are young enough that the coal industry isn’t even a memory, but not so long ago it was the core around which many, many people in this area built their lives. The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there…

“Coal Society” – this exhibition examines, celebrates and commemorates aspects of the south Wales coalfield. It includes the work of incoming artists and those born in the area, ranging from painters Jack Crabtree and Josef Herman, Ken Elias and Ernest Zobole to photographers Levi Ladd, I C Rapoport, Ray Klimek and Anthony Stokes.

  • 1 December 2016 to 13 April 2017
  • Oriel y Bont, Tŷ Crawshay, University of South Wales, Trefforest, Pontypridd CF37 1DL
  • Mon to Thurs 8.30am to 5pm.
  • Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm.
  • Free

Tel 01443 480480
Oriel Y Bont / faceook page.

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» Printer maintenance at Treforest 8/2/2017

PLEASE NOTE – There will be disruption to the Treforest Print Service this evening due to essential server maintenance by Canon.

This work is scheduled to take place between 18.30 – 20.00 on 8/2/17.

Please note that all print jobs currently in the print queues at this time will be deleted.

IT Services apologises for inconvenience this work may cause.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this or any other issue please contact IT Support by telephone on +44 (0) 1443 482882 or online at support.southwales.ac.uk.

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February 7, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» How do YOU use technology?

Over 250 USW students have already completed our survey about how they use technology in their studies, have you?

We would like to find out more about your digital skills, experiences and expectations to help us develop our approaches to learning and teaching and to prepare you for the world of work.

The survey is a part of a national benchmarking exercise so your responses will help not just the University of South Wales, but Higher Education in the UK in general. Everything is anonymous and we’d really welcome your feedback.

We’ll also be running focus groups later in the term, so watch out for further details.

To complete the survey in English click here.
To complete the survey in Welsh click here.

For further information about the project click here.

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February 6, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Parties, £1000 in Vouchers & a Cup of Tea: the NSS Race is On!

The National Student Survey (NSS) has been running for one week now. If you’re in your final year, you will have received an email about it last week. It’s really important to the University to get feedback from students, and the NSS is the most important feedback tool.

Prizes you can win this year:

  1. If you complete the survey before 28th February, you will be entitled to a free hot drink. Vouchers are available from the Advice Zones on each campus.
  2. If you complete the survey at any point, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of four £250 Amazon vouchers. The winners will be selected by Ipsos Mori and they will be informed if they have won by the end of April 2017.
  3. NEW for 2017: the University will pay the Students’ Union to organise a celebration event for students of the Schools…
    • with the highest percentage response rate by the 28th February
    • with the highest percentage response rate by the 30th April

The Race is On!

So far, Creative Industries students have taken an early lead in the response rate race, with Computing, Engineering and Science students in line for winning the wooden spoon, unless they improve:

FBS:26%, CES:21%, FCI:30%, LSE:26%

...but this isn’t a faculty race, it’s a race between the Schools. Here’s how USW’s Schools are doing at the end of week one:

Care Sciences: 38%, Art and Design: 33%, Media: 32%, Humanities and Social Sciences:27%, Computing and Mathematics: 26%

...so the School of Care Sciences is currently in the lead for winning the Celebration Event! It’s early days yet, however.

Fill in the NSS, encourage your coursemates, and spread the word! If you want to party, help your School top the league by the end of the month!

Image Credits and Copyrights: Under the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) Regulations 2014, copyrighted content can be used for purposes of satire and parody. This image is a composite including copyrighted images as follows:

1) Harvey Specter in Standard Uniform – photo of Gabriel Macht as a character in the TV show Suits (copyright USA Network) – Photo Copyright: Gentleman’s Gazette.
2) Maurice Moss – photo of Richard Ayoade as character in the TV Show 'The IT Crowd’ – copyright of show and photo: Channel 4.
3) Liz Lemon – photo of Tina Fey as character in the TV Show ’30 Rock’ – copyright of show: NBC – photographer: Mary Ellen Matthews.
4) Nurse Carla Espinosa – photo of Judy Reyes as character in the TV Show 'Scrubs’ – copyright of show: NBC and ABC – photo by fanpop.com

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» Disruptive Incidents Around Treforest Campus

The Students’ Union and the local police have been dealing with a number of disruptive incidents in and around campus.

We’d like to ask students to be more conscientious of their actions at and near Uni, and in particular think about how those actions might impact other people. We know that most of our students don’t cause problems in their communities but unfortunately some do, and some are suffering from their neighbours’ antisocial behaviours.

Complaints received have included:

  • Noise levels from students going home.
  • Tipping waste bins over.
  • Leaving bottles and cans in the area.
  • House parties and excessive noise levels.

If behaviour like this continues, the Students’ Unions risks losing their venue license.

Please remember that people around you will have different lifestyles. Young families, elderly people, people doing 9-5 jobs, students on other courses – they all have different schedules. The page Neighbours and Community Living has some ideas about the things you might consider, so we can all live as easily and stress free together as possible.

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February 2, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» USW Digital Literacy Survey

Please complete USW’s digital literacy survey.

With your participation we hope to learn how you use technology, what you like and dislike about it, and how we can all get better at it.


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» Global Choices Guest Speakers

The University hosts regular public lectures by influential artists, diplomats, politicians and campaigners. The Global Choices: Talking Points lecture series addresses some of the most complex and pressing challenges facing the world today. It’s your chance to questions of people who have been witness to, or, in some cases, participants in, major world events.

The lectures are livestreamed online.

Today, 2nd February 2017, at 1pm, you can watch Lord Peter Hain’s lecture about Donald Trump and Trumpenomics live.

You can also find recordings of previous Global Choices lectures on iTunes U

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Glamlife News from DDS site
Glamlife News from DDS site
Disability and Dyslexia Service News for tag - glamlife
» Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day 2nd February 2017

Today is Time to Talk Day – Conversations change lives.

Too many people are made to feel ashamed and isolated because of a mental health problem – but by starting a conversation today, you have the power to change that.

Time to Change want to get the nation talking about mental health and keep the conversation going. For more information and to get involved visit:

January 30, 2017

Glamlife News from Health site
Glamlife News from Health site
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» Changes to nurse availablity 31/01/17 at Treforest Campus

Nurse Availability

Changes to Nurse availability at Treforest campus

There will be NO Nurse available Tuesday morning 31/01/17 at the Treforest Campus Health Centre
For medical advice please contact your GP or NHS Direct Wales

January 24, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Intra Mural 5 & 7 a-side Football Competitions

Could you be the next champions?

If so, pick your team name and sign up for our intra mural 5-a-side (Sunday 4-6pm) & 7-a-side (Thursday 6.30-8.30pm) football competitions. Starting Thursday 26th January!
There are 8 teams in each league with 2 fixtures guaranteed every week. Trophies for the winning team and the top goal scorers.

For an entry form or for more information please contact lewys.thomas@southwales.ac.uk.

Places are already filling up so book today to avoid missing out!

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